Saturday, September 11, 2010


Thaddeus had been looking forward to going to school all summer. His first day was an half hour orientation. He met his teacher and got a bus safety talk from a police officer. Then they went on a 5 minute bus ride which was by far the highlight of the day. Violet snuck on and she still talks about it daily.

His first real day was Friday August 27th. He's in the afternoon class from 12:35-3:15. He was so excited to ride the bus home. He had a good day. His only complaint was that he had water while everyone else had brought juice boxes for "drink break" so I told him he could have one on Fridays.

There is one boy in his class who rides his bus.This past Friday I encouraged him to ask if he wanted to sit together. Hopefully soon they will be playing after school.

Violet takes a nap after we drop him off each day so I've found myself with 2-3 hours of alone time. I am really enjoying it. I haven't done anything productive yet, but it's nice to be lazy and not feel guilty about it. I have lucked out with this afternoon schedule. I still get to sleep in, I won't have to wake early to shovel the driveway and I'll get naps with the baby in the afternoon! This has been a nice small change in our lives.

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  1. Thaddeus is getting so tall. I was laughing while reading this post because I talked to Thaddeus on the phone after his first day of school and when I asked him how long school was, he told me it was about 30 minutes. I told Joel about it and we thought it was so funny that he didn't understand time. I guess he was right! Violet also excitedly told me about riding the bus. They are so cute!