Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Pictures

Because it's easier this way. I am writing Leo's birth story if any one is interested, but it won't be posted on here.

I'm adjusting to being a mom of 3. Leo has a little problem with nights so I'm still tired, but I've been out shopping a couple times and I have that down pat.

Thaddeus' class put on a Thanksgiving puppet show the day before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I was a little late and missed the beginning, but it was adorable. At least Mike got it on video.

My dad came to help me with Thaddeus and Violet the week I had Leo and my mom came the next week. It was so nice to have their help. They were both here for Thanksgiving. My brother and his kids came over for the day.

We went to a tree farm the next day. It was a cool 30 degrees, but we didn't have to go far because they groomed them all to look the same. Thaddeus picked out a nice, wide Douglas Fir. We went out to lunch and then home to decorate.

Thaddeus and Violet both love their little brother.

Monday, November 8, 2010

October 2010

I had high hopes for the pumpkin patches, but the last 2 weekends we blew them off for one reason or another. We still got our share of "Halloween Themed" activities.

The 23rd we stopped at Home Depot to return something and they had the kids workshop out front. Thaddeus made a bug catcher which currently has 7 stink bugs and 1 daddy long leg inside. Violet make a pumpkin basket. They got their first of many bags of candy.
Then we went to IKEA to get Thaddeus a new mattress and they had free pumpkins and painting right when we walked in. I really appreciated the fact that it was free. Although, when I got home and realized that Thaddeus' paint covered jeans were permanent, I thought it was a little odd to have a kids project with non-washable paints. Maybe I should let them know for next year.

Thaddeus had his school Halloween party on the 28th. He had been looking forward to it since the beginning of the year when we saw it on the calender. He asked his teacher 2 months in advance if they were allowed to wear their costumes to school. He had a great time at the party eating treats and showing off his knight costume that he loves!

The 29th was a day off so Thaddeus joined Violet at Story Time. That's her favorite thing of the week and she was so excited to dress up for it. They read stories, played bingo with colored marshmallows, made paper bag bats, and marched in a parade around the Rec. Center.

My parents came into town on Saturday and we (Mike, Thaddeus and Grandpa Ken) carved pumpkins. They joined us on Sunday for Trick-or-Treating from 6-8 in Wilkins Township, near where I grew up. We went with Lily, Joseph, Lucy and Katie. Andrew also showed up with Izaya and Talula. It was a perfect location as I knew it would be. Mostly every house was decorated with their lights on. The kids all has so much fun and got way too much candy, but as Katie taught me, the candy fairy comes a couple days after to take care of business. I was very happy to not have had Leo early so I could participate, but I'm more than ready now for the little punk to show his face.

I love this picture of them in their color coordinated vests.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Soergel Orchards

Yesterday we went to Soergel's Pumpkin Festival. It was a disappointment. They charge for absolutely everything! I don't understand the need to nickle and dime when they are making enough money off of their food. I had promised the kids caramel apples and also bought a bag of my favorite Empire Apples. Hopefully next weekend's pumpkin patch is better.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Pictures

The leaves started to change early here and then stopped for a warm spell. Once the colors picked up again, the leaves were gone before I knew it. There was probably a week where I could have got the most perfect pictures, but I slacked and have to settle for these.

This was my favorite tree of the season right down the road from my house in its prime.

Pittsburgh RAD Days

RADical Days 2010 will offer the public a record-setting 41 free admission sites, plus new performances and activities as the annual celebration of the assets returns this month.

In September we went to the Carnegie Science Center with my brother's kids. I was very impressed with all the exhibits they had packed in the 4 story building. My favorite was the Miniature Railroad & Village. The Roboworld and Submarine exhibits were also a bit hit. We raced through because we had plans to watch the Steelers Game at our friend's house. I might consider getting an annual pass when my Children's Museum pass runs out.

This past Sunday we went to the Zoo, and boy was it. We got there around 11:00 and by the time we left, cars were lined up for about a mile. I was so happy that it was free because I had been planning on going in October and expected to get a family pass. I was happy to go and also happy to realize that we don't need to go again. I guess I'm not a huge fan of zoos. Oddly enough, we realized that with my last 3 pregnancies I have been to a zoo in my 8th or 9th month. The San Diego Wild Animal Park with Thaddeus, The L.A. Zoo with Violet and the Pittsburgh Zoo with Leo.

On Saturday we went to a "Hay Day" fall festival that wasn't part of RAD days, but was also free. They lines were insanely long so we just had the kids each ride a pony, a first for both of them, and jump in one jump house.

There are a lot more Fall Festivals and Pumpkin Patches left for the rest of the month!!!

Mini Me

Violet loves to help me fold and put away laundry. One day I had a pile of baby clothes on my bed and she said she was going to help. I just laid down and relaxed while she folded every piece of clothing. It was so sweet I didn't even want to put it away. She's constantly saying, "When the baby comes out I'm going to hold him, change his diapers, play with him..." She's so excited and I can't imagine a better big sibling for our new little guy.

She's already such a good mommy to her kitties. Here are a couple pictures from just the last couple of weeks. A good portion of her day consists of cuddling kitties on the couch and "playing Bean or Black Beard" with Thaddeus. That's their term for playing house.

She also still likes to ride her bike. We only have about another month or so before it will be retired to the garage for the winter. She's a little dare devil and surprisingly enough, she hasn't got hurt yet. Here she is riding though our obstacle course of a yard and driveway (which has since been cleaned up mom & dad).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

32 Week Update

I'm down to my biweekly appointments. Monday I went to see my midwife and was informed that he'll be out of town for all of November. I was thinking to myself that it was fine with me because I wasn't feeling completely comfortable with him. I had been worrying about the fact that he stays with the mom the whole entire labor.
I tried to get in with midwife group at the hospital I'll be delivering at, but was told that I had missed their cutoff. Luckily, I have already seen the midwives' back-up doctor for a vbac consult and I got an appointment with him although they couldn't verify that he would take me on.
Assuming he does, I'll be happy because he gave me a 90% chance of a successful vba2c when most other women would have 70%-80%. He believes that repeat cesareans are much more risky. Unfortunately, he thinks the epidural helps the success of a vbac. I don't want to be tempted, but one of my best friends is going to be my doula so I'm feeling pretty confident in my abilities. Two weeks ago my midwife said the baby was breech and this week he wasn't 100% sure. I did the breech tilt from Spinning Babies, but I don't want to keep doing it if he's in the right place. I just really hope he's not going to be posterior like Violet was. I know I should be able to tell, but it's hard for me.

I've been having weekly chiropractic visits to make sure I stay in alignment. I chose one that primarily uses the Pro Adjuster. I would actually like a regular adjustment, but I don't feel like changing practices now. I still have a while to change my mind if necessary.