Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Pictures

Because it's easier this way. I am writing Leo's birth story if any one is interested, but it won't be posted on here.

I'm adjusting to being a mom of 3. Leo has a little problem with nights so I'm still tired, but I've been out shopping a couple times and I have that down pat.

Thaddeus' class put on a Thanksgiving puppet show the day before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I was a little late and missed the beginning, but it was adorable. At least Mike got it on video.

My dad came to help me with Thaddeus and Violet the week I had Leo and my mom came the next week. It was so nice to have their help. They were both here for Thanksgiving. My brother and his kids came over for the day.

We went to a tree farm the next day. It was a cool 30 degrees, but we didn't have to go far because they groomed them all to look the same. Thaddeus picked out a nice, wide Douglas Fir. We went out to lunch and then home to decorate.

Thaddeus and Violet both love their little brother.

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  1. Adorable pictures Kylee! I would like to read your birth story when you have it written.

    I love your Christmas card, by the way. It is the cutest!