Monday, November 8, 2010

October 2010

I had high hopes for the pumpkin patches, but the last 2 weekends we blew them off for one reason or another. We still got our share of "Halloween Themed" activities.

The 23rd we stopped at Home Depot to return something and they had the kids workshop out front. Thaddeus made a bug catcher which currently has 7 stink bugs and 1 daddy long leg inside. Violet make a pumpkin basket. They got their first of many bags of candy.
Then we went to IKEA to get Thaddeus a new mattress and they had free pumpkins and painting right when we walked in. I really appreciated the fact that it was free. Although, when I got home and realized that Thaddeus' paint covered jeans were permanent, I thought it was a little odd to have a kids project with non-washable paints. Maybe I should let them know for next year.

Thaddeus had his school Halloween party on the 28th. He had been looking forward to it since the beginning of the year when we saw it on the calender. He asked his teacher 2 months in advance if they were allowed to wear their costumes to school. He had a great time at the party eating treats and showing off his knight costume that he loves!

The 29th was a day off so Thaddeus joined Violet at Story Time. That's her favorite thing of the week and she was so excited to dress up for it. They read stories, played bingo with colored marshmallows, made paper bag bats, and marched in a parade around the Rec. Center.

My parents came into town on Saturday and we (Mike, Thaddeus and Grandpa Ken) carved pumpkins. They joined us on Sunday for Trick-or-Treating from 6-8 in Wilkins Township, near where I grew up. We went with Lily, Joseph, Lucy and Katie. Andrew also showed up with Izaya and Talula. It was a perfect location as I knew it would be. Mostly every house was decorated with their lights on. The kids all has so much fun and got way too much candy, but as Katie taught me, the candy fairy comes a couple days after to take care of business. I was very happy to not have had Leo early so I could participate, but I'm more than ready now for the little punk to show his face.

I love this picture of them in their color coordinated vests.


  1. Thanks for posting pictures! I miss you guys so much. Thaddeus' costume is awesome! Where did you find it? It is so perfect for him. Violet is still the cutest fairy in the world!
    Hurry and move back! I am so envious of my parents that they get to visit you guys :(

  2. Exactly what Amanda said! Love you guys!