Friday, October 15, 2010

Pittsburgh RAD Days

RADical Days 2010 will offer the public a record-setting 41 free admission sites, plus new performances and activities as the annual celebration of the assets returns this month.

In September we went to the Carnegie Science Center with my brother's kids. I was very impressed with all the exhibits they had packed in the 4 story building. My favorite was the Miniature Railroad & Village. The Roboworld and Submarine exhibits were also a bit hit. We raced through because we had plans to watch the Steelers Game at our friend's house. I might consider getting an annual pass when my Children's Museum pass runs out.

This past Sunday we went to the Zoo, and boy was it. We got there around 11:00 and by the time we left, cars were lined up for about a mile. I was so happy that it was free because I had been planning on going in October and expected to get a family pass. I was happy to go and also happy to realize that we don't need to go again. I guess I'm not a huge fan of zoos. Oddly enough, we realized that with my last 3 pregnancies I have been to a zoo in my 8th or 9th month. The San Diego Wild Animal Park with Thaddeus, The L.A. Zoo with Violet and the Pittsburgh Zoo with Leo.

On Saturday we went to a "Hay Day" fall festival that wasn't part of RAD days, but was also free. They lines were insanely long so we just had the kids each ride a pony, a first for both of them, and jump in one jump house.

There are a lot more Fall Festivals and Pumpkin Patches left for the rest of the month!!!


  1. I know I say this all the time, but the kids are getting tall! It looks like you guys are having an awesome fall. You look so good pregnant! I love your top and your hair looks really pretty.

  2. I totally envy all the pumpkin patches and wonderful fall things you get to do there. :) You look great, by the way!